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 Hollywood kill overs Hollywood spill overs Harry Potter vs Satiricon

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Which is better Harry Potter or Satiricon? That is no really simple choice to that. While Harry Potter deals with witchery and wizardy in a Never Never Land Satiricon takes place closer to home. I use Liquid Bioriod (the more commonly used one is Liquid Thorinator or Liquid Thyroid). The movie spreads out from 1960 all the way to the 2200s or 23rd Century. In which a group of people in 2190 uses a space ship and travels through a time warp back to the 2115 year in a middle of war and strife. The strife was so bad that the preceding years around 2080 lost connection and agreed to a cross futurey experiments where they bag animals gut them opened and travel across the future and have their meeting point around 2070, some if not all the experiments fail so miserably that resulted them being either a bunch of casualties or prisoned maimed withered out in another saga known as Beast Wars or Beast Warez. The difference in the two is that Beast Wars travels back to the future for time traveling devices and body armour while Beast Warez travels much farther into the future for life support systems so they can resuscitate life after death. Any of these two (Beast Wars and Warez) didn't regained popularity when they decide to do freak experiments grow and genetically breed huge ducks or ducklasaurus then bag them kill them and gut them opened. Again that failed because most of the people who traveled where men left them castrated and overly sexed QUANK QUANK did another turn around just send the huge ducklings themselves different one ten matching years and have a trans am vehicle known as a TRIM TRAM watch where they are plotted and resuscitate them from 1960 to 2020 and correspond they exchange of information the twin 100 years so the duckling that was planted in 1960 would correspond for 2060 and so on. The major ducklasuarus was 1970 planted in hallways and alleyways that sleep by stasis its resuscitation is a little bit different the most difficult to do and rely on mammasuarus and other pheasantries to monitor it along with the Trim Tram who can either be a time portal vehicle or a large pheasantry hover above. For all of its worth Satiricon is funny serious and hopeful but is not bling to he course of human interaction just like the looplagoan sonar it blends in real well the human environment and at times try to overtake it.
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